What Is MotorMind?

MotorMind is an advanced behaviour based training program designed to deliver memorable and engaging driver training to improve driver deficiencies in areas critical for road safety.

Using interactive activities, MotorMind explains the complexities behind dangers on the road and gives you a better understanding of what is occurring every time you drive.

The training uses the 6 core competencies to demonstrate the risks of different driving situations. The 6 core competencies are: Attitude, The Other Motorist, Danger Zones, Scanning, Speed Management, and Space Management. These core competencies target the root causes of most collisions for focused driver improvement.

Training is divided into six lessons that correspond with each of the six core competencies. Each lesson consists of the following three steps:

Step 1: An interactive exercise that is designed to introduce you to a specific driving situation and show the science behind the danger.

Step 2: A short video explaining the dangers of the situation and providing straightforward solutions to avoid a collision.

Step 3: A knowledge assessment designed to ensure you understand the principles of the lesson and can apply them to daily driving.

After you’ve answered the final question of the Knowledge Assessment, you will be presented with your score. If you have scored too low on the assessment you will be assigned additional training to further improve your knowledge of the topic.


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