How Do I complete Hazard Perception Evaluation (HPE)?

To access your Hazard Perception Evaluation(HPE), use your username and password to login to your Driver Dashboard. You can log in at If this is your first time logging in you will be asked to create your own password.

Please note the assessment takes about 25-30 minutes to complete and your results will determine the order of your defensive driver raining modules you will be assigned.  It is important to ensure you are located somewhere that you can concentrate while you complete the Hazard Perception 360 Assessment

The first part of the Hazard Perception Evaluation(HPE) provides you an overview of how the assessment is to be completed. Click Continue on the bottom right of the screen. Listen to/read the instructions found on the next page that provides a more detailed explanation of how to complete the real-life driving scenarios.  Click directly on the hazard that you feel is the biggest potential risk.  Remember that a hazard may only be visible in your rear-view or side-view mirrors

You are given three practice scenarios to familiarize yourself with the training. You are given three 10-second attempts at each scenario. Your attempts are tracked at the top of the screen. You may complete the practice scenarios as many times as you would like, until you feel comfortable to proceed with the assessment. When you’re ready to begin, click Continue.

Once you have completed the 20 scenarios you will be asked to complete 28 multiple-choice questions.  Read through each question, and once the answers have been listed you will have 20 seconds to answer by clicking on the option you think is correct. If you are unsure of the answer, please choose the option you think answers the question best.

After you have completed all 28 multiple-choice questions you will be taken to your results page. 


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