What Is Hazard Perception 360 Assessment?

The Hazard Perception 360 Assessment is a tool designed to assess driving behaviour. The assessment is comprised of 20 real-life driving scenarios and 28 multiple-choice questions. The scenarios, which have been localized for 90% of the world’s population, are shown from the driver’s perspective of the driver’s seat and include a view of the rear and side view mirrors.

These scenarios are designed to capture the dynamics of real driving and assess performance in six core driving competencies: Danger Zones, Space Management, Scanning, Attitude, Speed Management, and The Other Motorist. As the scenarios unfold, you will be asked to identify potential hazards as they appear on the screen.

Based on your response to these scenarios, and to the multiple-choice questions that follow the video, you will be assigned targeted training courses.

Please note, the Hazard Perception must be completed on a computer, iPAD or tablet; it cannot be completed on any mobile phone as the screen is too small.


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