What is Hazard Perception 360 with Web-Based Training?

Hazard Perception 360 with Web- Based Training is a tool that assesses driving behaviour and assigns targeted training to improve driver response to road hazards. The assessment, which involves 20 real-life driving scenarios and 28 multiple-choice questions, looks at six core driving competencies: Danger Zones, Space Management, Scanning, Attitude, Speed Management, and The Other Motorist. Based on this assessment, you will be assigned targeted training courses addressing high-risk behaviours. Each evaluation begins with sample scenarios that are intended to demonstrate how the evaluation will operate and what will be expected as you make your way through it. Once the evaluation has been completed, the results are final

You can access your defense driver training courses by going to your dashboard and clicking on ‘Courses in Progress.’ There you will find a list of the courses that you have been assigned and the dates by which they must be completed. The length of time you will have to complete the training (ie, 30 days, 2 weeks, etc) is determined by your employer.


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